Auto Industry Solutions

Auto Industry Solutions from Konica Minolta

Color Control: 

  • Is a top priority for every customer who manufactures key components for the automotive industry. 
  • Can only be accomplished with the use of the right equipment and processes that will quickly and easily identify issues of color 

As we know, color control in the auto industry presents challenges such as acceptability of adjacent panels/parts, surface gloss control, measurement issues with curved surfaces, detecting micro-defects in car body and quantifying distortion in reflected images. 

Having the right equipment for automotive interiors will enable you to: 

  • Reduce costs with less waste 
  • Effectively communicate a standard metric to your supply chain 
  • Overcome the challenges in matching materials 

Having the right equipment for automotive exteriors will enable you to: 

  • Overcome the challenges of measuring high performance finishes, curvature areas, and small accessories. 
  • Put a value of what the eyes see in the realm of a total appearance measurement, quantifying appearance, quality, and harmony. 
  • Achieve a 100% defect free coating within your current factory floor space 

Below is the Automotive Brochure that will show you for various components and areas on an automobile what we recommend as the right Konica Minolta Equipment Solution for measuring the color or appearance. 

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