• DC Motor Controller Systems

  • Precision Pressure Switches

  • Color Measurement Equipment

  • Engine Control Systems

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Quality Managers

  • Who value the importance of analytical tools, as compared to a subjective observation, to measure the Critical Color Differences in material.
  • We can decrease the waste and expense incurred to build a product that has a lot of color variations for material in an industrial, food, or automotive application.

Mechanical Engineers

  • Who need precision pressure, vacuum, and differential switches in hydraulic applications

Production Engineers

  • Who needs Safety Switches on doors, gates and robotic systems to insure employee safety and the reduction in workplace injuries.

Design Engineers

  • Who needs a complete AC/DC Motor Controllers System (Motors, controllers, contactors, gauges, DC converters, etc.) developed or just key components for material handling, military, marine, agriculture, robotic, or autonomous vehicle applications

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