Engineering Services

At the request of many of our OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Partners, we have decided to formally document the value-added engineering services that we have provided to them over the years. These services include:

  • Remote/virtual assistance for Motor Characterization and Tuning,
  • VCL (Vehicle Control Language) Software development,
  • Wiring Diagram development for applications with AC traction (Single and Dual),
  • AC Steering,
  • AC Pump hydraulic,
  • On-site services,
  • For OEM’s - Lithium Battery Integration,
  • AGV support,
  • Curtis CIT (Curtis Integrated Toolkit) Training, and much more.

If you have a question on the installation or troubleshooting of any of our products, email or call 678-567-9563 ext. 105 or 103.


  1. I have an ezgo golf cart using a Curtis Instruments motor controller. P/N – 25864G09
    S/N – 4240-P063745L. Do you carry this controller.

    • You will need to purchase this controller directly from E-Z-GO since it is exclusive to them.

  2. I have a FlenTek AC motor controller and looking for a description of a Code 73.
    The controller info is as listed below. This is a AC Drive motor controller in a Pack Mule Cart.

    CPN: EV-E181
    Part# 378145271
    Voltage 36-48v
    Model: 1234-5271
    Serial# 14311B-142928

    • I worked with the Pack Mull folks on this issue. They now have the solution needed to help you

  3. We are a Bintelli Golf cart dealer and one of our customers is asking about purchasing a Curtis programmer so he can adjust the speed profiles. The Bintelli Beyond 6-person 48v golf cart uses a Curtis controller but we do not know what Curtis controller programmer he needs. Can you assist us in finding the correct programmer to recommend to him?

    Bobby Luhm / General Manager
    Halls Motorsports of Birmingham
    cell phone (786) 338-8478

    • He would need a Curtis 1313-33XX programmer

  4. Good morning,

    My team is working on a design that involves the use of a PMAC motor to drive a large portion of a powertrain. We are interested in driving the PMAC through traditional means, but also desire for the motor to act as a generator to feed back to an onboard battery pack. Do any of your PMAC controllers have the ability to manage motor speed / direction control, as well as control the motor when in a generator state? Thank you for your help!

    • Yes they do. All of the PMAC motors that have been tested at Curtis Livermore will be allow our controllers to control the direction, speed, and regen.

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