ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

MBE & DBE Certified Company


Superior Products and Services

FlenTek Solutions provides a number of new products and services to OEM’s throughout the country who either need to improve the performance of their product, decrease their cost, or more importantly increase their competitive edge. As a supplier of custom solutions, a stocking distributor, and a manufactures representative we are able to provide:

Expertise in Electrical and Design capabilities for Motor Controller Systems,

Production Management and Engineering for Safety Switches on door, gates and robotic systems,

Quality Management for the consistent color measurement of material for industrial, food, and automotive applications

Mechanical Engineering for high and low pressure switch applications

Please look at the products page to see the entire list of key components we have available from some of the industry's leading vendors.

Core Values


Plan to execution in hours vs months


Professional and Continual communication with our customers


Big company solutions without the cost


Work Smarter

We have to be smarter, more responsive, and diligent in following up