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FlenTek Solutions, Inc is an ISO 9001: 2015 Certified Company who works closely with OEM’s in providing solutions for Today and Tomorrows needs. For the last 16 years, we have supplied a wide range of “Designed In Solutions” or key components as replacements parts for the military, ground support equipment, mining, construction, marine, material handling, food processing, appliance, beverage delivery, ATV’s, and golf industries. These components are: 

AC or DC Motor Controllersused in applications with battery supply voltages from 24 to 144 volts. 

Custom Software for AC Motor Controllers– application specific software solutions that includes specific features tailored for the specific components on the OEM’s vehicle. 

Motorsfull line of AC induction, DC, and PMAC motors for traction and pump applications 

Instrumentation full line of displays to show the state of charge of the battery, hours of operation, speed of the vehicle. 

Contactors– critical system component to control turning on or off power, switch over motors, or to be able to have an emergency disconnect. 

Machine Safety Switchesfull line of stainless-steel contact and non-contact Interlock switches to cope with the rigorous demands of the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical environments. 

Sensors, Encoders, and Foot pedalswide range of Encoders, LiDAR Sensors, Proximity Sensors, Throttles, and Foot Pedals 

Pressure and Vacuum Switcheswide range of vacuum, pressure, and differential switches 

Color and Appearance Products – complete range of products that are used by quality professionals to compare and measure the color and appearance of your products

Please look at the products page to review the entire list of key components, as well as datasheets, from some of the industry's leading suppliers.

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