Brushless Motors

PMS is a synchronous electric motor with permanent magnets on the rotor, which generate high density magnetic fields. This feature combined to the magnetic synchronism among rotor and stator permits to achieve high tor-ques also when motor is running at very low speed.

Through a position sensor the Controller supplies the correct current, just enough to achieve the required torque, reducing battery consumption.

Main advantages of this motor technology are:

  • Higher Efficiency than other motor technologies as DC and AC (90-95%)
  • High accuracy and control positioning on motor’s rotation• Compact dimensions achieved by the high power density
  • Absence of friction components
  • Low thermal heating and dissipation

Our motors are completely produced in Modena, Italy, in our plants and they are designed with these features:

  • VOLT: 24V -96V
  • POWER: from 400W up to 50kW
  • FLANGE: B5, B14, Customized
  • PROTECTION: from IP20 up to IP65

The quality of components is of essence:

  • Rotor with rare Earth magnets of 1.2 Tesla, with a thermal grade of 180°C
  • Special laminations with 0.35mm thickness
  •  Core Loss of 1,3W/kg
  •  Copper on stator wounding is of class H superior with heating resistance up to 210°C
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