Gear Motors

Our products are manufactured complying with IEC and European standards. Motors can be supplied with enclosures from IP20 up to IP56. Class F motor insulation is achieved by class H insulated wire, in conjunction with rotor winding impregnation by epoxy paints and resins. This guarantees high strength and reliability up to 155°C winding
temperature. Graphite electro or graphite metal brushes are used in according to motor characteristic. Ball bearings with double shield and internal lubrication. On request high temperature grease, or C3 tolerance bearings, can be supplied.

We use:

1) planetary gear units, with coaxial arrangement of input and output, high efficiency and low moment of inertia. It’s possible to have a great range of reduction ratios with one, two or three gearbox stage;

2) Cyclo speed reducers with unique epicycloidal design. Unlike gear teeth with limited contact points, a Cyclo has two thirds of its reduction components in contact at all times. This design enables Cyclo speed reducers and gearmotors to withstand shock loads exceeding 500% of their ratings, and provide exceptional performance, reliability and long life in the most severe applications. More than this, it’s a
compact solution: in one stage reduction only available ratios are from 1:6 up to 1:87.

The planetary gearbox are life-time lubricated and they don’t need maintenance.


– E/M brakes: the catalogue shows drive wheels with TELECO brakes; optional LENZE brakes are
– Thermal protections: generally, we can supply 110°C thermo switches, directly fixed on the brush holder,
with wire output on terminals housing.
– Detectable wear system: it is a brush with additional wire to detect the wear of itself; wire output being on
terminals housing.
– Encoders: the availability is large, push-pull (10-30Vdc) or Line Driver (5Vdc), from 10 up to 5000ppr,
usually with end shaft, with single or double solutions, directly on motors shaft (both traction and
– Tacho-generators: standard or with “rare magnets”, usually supplied with 7.5V-1000rpm or 10V-
– Retaining clamps with brackets: to eventually fix the gearmotor to the chassis.

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