AC Induction Motors

Our AC motors for battery operated vehicles, from 24V up to 96V, are mostly designed for works intensively and needs great flexibility, in order to supply a huge number of high torques during the starting and acceleration processes and get optimum performance at high speed. We can satisfy your requirements thanks to a wide set of models and engine types and in different application sectors, for example in material handling, cleaning, agricultural, airport (GSE), automotive (AGV), scissor lifts, home-building and entertainment (e.g. carousels).

Thanks to our multiannual experience, we are able to offer personalized solutions to guarantee long-term products. We can offer a large range motors from 300W to 15kW with Protection in IP20, IP54 and IP66AC. These motors can be built for the following applications:

  • Drive Wheels
  • Gear Motors
  • Differentials
  • Motor Pumps

Each motor can be configured with a number of sensor options:

  • Phonic Wheel
  • Sensor Bearing
  • Thermal Sensor
  • Electromagnetic Brake
  • Encoders
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