Drive Wheels (Horizontal or Vertical)-

Metalrota’s production is based on gearbox + wheel units (drivewheels), electric motors for battery operated vehicles and differential units.

This catalogue shows the main range of drivewheels production, horizontals and verticals. Other drivewheels are not in the catalogue, but customized and available on request. Main features on which Metalrota is focusing are:

The steering system, which is available on most of our drive units, with a wide range of optional depending on
vehicle features and movements
Electric motors manufactured in our factories, from 12 to 96V, both AC Motors for battery operated machines and DC Motors (permanent magnets and wounded, separately excited, series wound and shunt wound) with which we can satisfy all requests of traction motors for battery machines
Wide range of gear ratios available
Wheels with rubber cover, Vulkollan or polyurethane with different hardness depending on application requirements. Our products are manufactured complying with IEC and European standards.

E/M brakes: the catalogue shows drive wheels with electromagnetic brake, available on request. We can provide
e/m brakes with IP65 enclosure.
Thermal protections: generally, we can supply on/off thermal switches or thermal sensors, with cable output on
terminal board.
Detectable wear system: it is a brush with an additional wire to detect the brush wearing; cable output being on
terminal board.
Ventilation on traction motor: may it be required, it is possible to get a longer traction motor duty cycle for heavy
duties or for 2/3 shifts per day, intensive services.
End limit switches: available on steering plate, with its cam.
Encoders: the availability is large: incremental or absolute, single or multiturn, directly mounted on motors shaft
(both traction and/or steering), or on steering plate.
Potentiometer: multiturn, generally 10kOhm – 10 turns, directly mounted on steering plate, coupled with the steering
crown gear.
Tacho-generators: generally 10V-1000rpm, directly mounted on motors shaft (both traction and/or steering).
On the catalogue you can find the standard production of our motors; on request we can make motors with
different performances in power, voltage and rpm.

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