DC Motors

Our products are manufactured complying with IEC and European standards. We make DC motors with the following winding:

  • Series wound
  • Compound wound
  • Shunt wound
  • Permanent magnet

Motors can be supplied with enclosures from IP20 up to IP56. Class  F  motor  insulation  is  achieved  by  class  H  insulated  wire,  in  conjunction  with  rotor  winding impregnation by epoxy paints and resins. This guarantees high strength and reliability up to 155°C winding temperature.

  • Graphite electro or graphite metal brushes are used in according to motor characteristic.
  • Ball  bearings  with  double  shield  and  internal  lubrification.
  • On  request  high  temperature  grease,  or  C3 tolerance bearings, can be supplied.

Available on request: electromagnetic  brakes,  start  contactors,  thermal  protection  and  detectable  wear  system,  worm  and planetary gearboxes, thaco-generator or encoder application.

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