Pump Motors

Our products are manufactured complying with IEC and European standards. Our electric pumps are equipped with group 1 and 2 gear pumps. On request electric pumps with multiple modular pumps in different configuration are available. We use Marzocchi pumps, but on request we can furnish Bosch pumps.

Available on request:

  • Start contactors
  • Thermal protection and detectable wear system
  • Foot mounting adapter
  • High temperature  grease,
  • C3 tolerance bearings

Motors can be supplied with enclosures from IP20 up to IP56. Class  F  motor  insulation  is  achieved  by  class  H  insulated  wire,  in  conjunction  with  rotor  winding impregnation  by  epoxy  paints  and  resins.  This  guarantees  high  strength  and  reliability  at  up  to  155°C winding temperature. Graphite electro or graphite metal brushes are used in according to motor characteristic. Ball  bearings  with  double  shield  and  internal  lubrication.  On  request  high  temperature  grease,  or  C3 tolerance bearings, can be supplied.

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