171D Ultra Low Differrential Pressure Switch


  • The Dietz Model 170D Ultra Low Differential Pressure Switch combines extremely low pressure actuation, maximum electrical ratings and rugged construction to withstand unusually harsh environments. The 171D is shock and vibration resistant, due to a minimum number of moving parts and the absence of lever amplifiers, and will actuate at 1″ H2O under extreme shock and vibration conditions. Overpressure of 25 lbs per square inch will not damage the switch or change calibration settings. Diaphragm movement is limited to provide an extremely long diaphragm life.This rugged but simple design makes the Dietz 170D ideal for use on locomotives, ships, construction equipment, and variety of outdoor applications. A highly resistant epoxy finish for use where corrosive fumes or acids are present, such as in chemical plants, plating rooms, and sewage plants.

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  • Air flow interlock
  • Output for fluid amplifiers
  • Measurement, sensing, switching, sequencing in simple fluidic circuits requiring an auxiliary air supply


  • Rugged design for use in harsh environments
  • Pressure ranges from 1"–40" H20
  • Shock and vibration resistance (MIL-S-901-D & MIL-STD-167-1)
  • Chemical resistant epoxy finish
  • Suitable for high voltage / current applications

Catalog Number: 171D8WC

Operating Range:  0.15" - 8" H2O

Switch Current: 15 Amp 125 VAC





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